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Buy Toilet Paper for Micah House


per roll

When you purchase Outlook products for Micah House, you are multiplying the impact of your donation.
You provide jobs for the blind – more than 75% of the team producing our toilet paper is legally blind.
Your purchase will be stored at Outlook until needed at Micah House.

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Your purchase really makes a difference.

Not only are you helping the homeless with donation to Micah House, but you are also supporting jobs for people who are blind.

More than two thirds of our blind neighbors are unemployed here in the metro. Many employers are unaware of the technology or simple adaptations that could make it possible for someone who is blind to work in their organization, thus many of our blind neighbors struggle to find employment. Your purchase supports jobs for people who are blind right here in Omaha. More than 75% of the production team in our janitorial paper production facility are legally blind.

Outlook Nebraska’s mission is to positively impact everyone who is blind and visually impaired. We help anyone dealing with vision loss find the resources they need, learn how to use technology to stay independent, find out about employment opportunities and stay active through recreation and cultural activities.

Product Details

500 sheets per roll
Environmentally conscious customers will appreciate our reliable 2-ply bathroom tissue. It’s composed of 100% recycled fiber and exceeds
EPA guidelines with a 35% post-consumer recycled fiber content.

Features and Benefits:

> Septic safe for all standard sewers and systems
> Rolls are individually wrapped for increased sanitary standards